Airtel dth new connection with 1 year plan

Hindi BB Freedom Sports and Kids plus HD pack

  • Airtel X-Stream Set Top Box
  • 1Month Free Dabang Sports Pack.
  • HDMI Cable
  • Dish Antenna
  • Remote
  • LNB
  • Cable Up To 10 Meters (Extra Cable Is Charged)
  • Standard Installation Free. If Installer Ask For Extra Money Then Never Pay.
  • 1 Year Warranty On Set Top Box By Airtel.

Airtel DTH new connection Price in Gandhinagar

Airtel DTH new connection price in Gandhinagar is same in the below mentioned areas:
District, Gujarat Sargasan, District, Gujarat Kudasan, Vavol, Adalaj, Ahmedabad Raysan, Pethapur, Raysan, Sector 4, focity, Randesan, Mansa, Chiloda, Sector 14, Sector 25, Gujarat ternational Fance Tec City, Sector 15, Randheja, Sector 25, Sector 26, Sector 7, Dholakuva, Sector 24, Sector 30, Uvarsad, Sector 3, Sector 6, Sector 21, Sector 9, Sector 8, Sector 27, Sector 22, Sector 29, Sector 2, Gayatragar Society, Sector 27, Gujarat Housg Board, Sector 30, Kudasan, Sector 28, Sector 13, Mahudi, Sector 15, Sector 12, Kolavada, Sector 20, Lavarpur, Sector 1, Haragar, Vavol, Bhaijipura, Uvarsad, Sector 23, Sector 19, Sector 7D, Sector 7, GIDC dustry Area, Sector 16, Sector 5, Gujarat ternational Fance Tec City, Sector 4D, Sector 4, Sector 11, droda, Ambika Nagar Society, Uvarsad, Kudasan, GSECL Colony, Pethapur, Sector 29, Sector-12/C, Sector 1C, Sector 1, Sector-b, Sector 6, Sector 10, Sajjanpura, Malan, Sector 4/A, Sector 4, Shal Society, G.S.E.C.L. Colony, Sector 7A, Sector 7, Sector 17, Thachraj Nagar, Borij, Alampur, Sarvodaynagar Society, Sector 30, Sector 3A New, Sector 3.

Airtel DTH New HD Set Top Box Price in Gandhinagar

Airtel DTH HD set top box is the most purchased box in Gandhinagar. Its price is also lowest all across India.

Airtel DTH New Connection