Sun Direct new connection offers

Sun Direct Normal Box with 6 Month ROI Economy Pack

  • Sun Direct Normal Set Top Box
  • 6 Month ROI Economy Pack is Included in the price
  • Audio Video Cable is included with the connection
  • Dish Antenna
  • Remote
  • LNBF
  • Upto 10 Meter wire is included
  • Free Standard Installation
  • 1 Year Service Free
  • 1 year warranty on Set Top Box

Please share Sun Direct new connection price for 6 months.

If you want to know the Sun Direct new connection price for 6 months, you also need to confirm the name of package which you want to opt for. Without knowing the name of the plan it would not be possible to confirm the exact price.

What is your Sun Direct Diwali Offer ?

Although Sun Direct surprises do not just finish! With a brand new DTH link, You also get thee after perks.

Get New HD link package and HD prime bundle for 1 year in only Rs.2990.
This joyous period, We’re leaving no stone unturned to pleasure you!
Enjoy watching all of your favorite shows and films with High Quality DTH connection in the lowest cost.


Today all of the Lively readers can get SUN NEXT program for free.

SD cheapest monthly recharge begins from Rs.169 and HD cheapest monthly recharge begins from Rs.189.

What makes This, a much more appealing offer is that the client can pick any of those fundamental packs in Tamil Language make it Market Pack, Value Package, Cinema + Sports Bundle or Mega Pack and revel in the benefits. What is more appealing is each busy Sun Direct DTH subscriber will find a complimentary subscription of SUN NXT Program for a single month.

Purchasing a new DTH Link from Sun DTH is among the simplest things you can do.
All you Need to

This may open a Page where you are able to choose your DTH Connection. You may either pick a SD or HD as your own DTH Connection.

As Soon as You choose That, you have to pick your foundation bunch. The foundation package can be dependent upon the language you want viewing your DTH link .

You will find Numerous choices within any of these language choices.

Please confirm Sun Direct new connection price for 6 months Economy pack.

When You choose Your foundation pack, you might even alter the whole period of your initial length of your New DTH Connection. Sun Direct New connection price for 6 month economy pack is Rs.2499 only.

Following This step, You need to offer some info about yourself and where you would like your New Sun DTH Link to be set up.

Make the payment

Installed in only a few days. And in the Event You Want to check any upgrades In your DTH Link you could always achieve the Sun DTH customer support team. That is how simple it is to purchase a new DTH Link with Sun Direct.

Sun Direct New New Connection Price