Sun Direct new connection offers

Sun Direct HD Box with 6 Month ROI Economy HD Pack

  • Sun Direct HD Set Top Box
  • 6 Month ROI Economy HD Pack is Included in the price
  • HDMI Cable is included with the connection
  • Dish Antenna
  • Remote
  • LNBF
  • Upto 10 Meter wire is included
  • Free Standard Installation
  • 1 Year Service Free
  • 1 year warranty on Set Top Box

Sun Direct new connection Price in Hanumangarh

Sun Direct new connection price in Hanumangarh is same in the below mentioned areas:
Housing Board, New Civil Les, Model Town, District, Rajasthan Canal Colony, P And T Colony, Dal Sgh Nagar, Baba Bhag Sgh Khosa Colony, Sdhi Colony, Sector 6, Sdhi Colony, Sector 9 Extension, Railway Colony, Bhatta Colony, Bhatta Colony, Baba Shyam Sgh Colony, D Block, New Civil Les, Dhan Mandi, I T I Colony.

Sun Direct New HD Set Top Box Price in Hanumangarh

Sun Direct HD set top box is the most purchased box in Hanumangarh. Its price is also lowest all across India.

Sun Direct New New Connection Price