Sun Direct new connection offers

Sun Direct Normal Box with 1 Month ROI Value Pack

  • Sun Direct Normal Set Top Box
  • 1 Month ROI Value Pack is Included in the price
  • Audio Video Cable is included with the connection
  • Dish Antenna
  • Remote
  • LNBF
  • Upto 10 Meter wire is included
  • Free Standard Installation
  • 1 Year Service Free
  • 1 year warranty on Set Top Box

Sun DTH new connection

Sun DTH New connection is a system which brings to you all of your favorite stations on your TV set! The signs are shipped via satellites and also have substituted the era old cable links! Sun Direct is among the Top DTH suppliers in India today.

DTH services are excellent but can pose problems occasionally that could interfere with your viewing your favorite shows. Listed below are a couple solutions which may help you troubleshoot DTH related problems yourself!

Check the power link — The very first thing to do in case you’ve got a DTH related dilemma is to examine the power link. Check whether the power source is appropriate or if there’s a concern from the distribution socket. Consider plugging in the primary plug to some other power supply/socket.

Assess if all the wires are plugged in tightly — Occasionally, DTH relations don’t work because of a loose cable.

Assess whether the weather outside is okay — DTH services could be hindered because of poor weather heavy rains or a stormy weather may cause DTH associated troubles. All you have to do would be to turn off the power and wait for the weather to clean up. Consider changing the stations to understand whether a couple of stations are still coming through.

Try taking the card out — In some circumstances, DTH services may be redeemed because the card isn’t inserted correctly. Consider taking the card out entirely in the DTH box and then insert it .

These are a couple of common problems linked to a DTH connection. Should you just happen to confront additional problems with the DTH link, locate an expert from your support provider. Sun Direct is pleased to assist you in the event of any problems in the DTH link or assistance.


Sun Direct New New Connection Price